Device settings – Modbus

  1. For Modbus command frame configuration, refer the table. You can add new modbus request string via the edit section.

AG-201 app modbus commands

Field Value Description
Slave ID Integer[1...255] Salve ID
Function code Read Coils(1) | Read Discrete Input(2) | Read Holding Register(3) | Read Input Register(4)  Specifies the type of register being addressed by a Modbus request
Data structure 8bit INT | 8bit UINT  | 8bit HEX| 16bit INT |16bit UINT | 32bit float | 16bit HEX | 32bit HEX | Bool Defines how read data will be stored
Start address Integer [0 – 65535] First Modbus register from which data will be read
Offset address Integer  The starting address or position of a data element within a register or data block
Data length Integer [1 – 30] Number of Modbus registers that will be read during the request
Endian structure

32bit data – ABCD | BADC | CDAB | DCBA

16bit data - AB | BA

Select endian structure of data type
Trigger - Not available now
Triggering time - Not available now
Polling time integer [1..]in sec; default: 60Sec Interval at which requests are sent to the server device.
  1. By clicking ADD, you can add multiple Modbus request strings.
  2. Click "Set" to save a single frame or "Set All" to save  all the Modbus request strings in the device.
  3. clicking "Get" or "Get All", to access the saved Modbus strings in the device.
  4. Additionally, you can delete, copy, and paste strings from the Navigate section.
  5. Go to Modbus parameter section and set polling time of modbus data to the server by click on "Set". Also check polling time from device by click on "Get"

AG-201 app modbus parameter