Applications repository

The gateway has the ability to install many ready-made applications.  For this purpose, the gateway must be connected to the Internet. You need to go to System > Software. First click Update Lists...


AG-207 software

After waiting a while, the "Executing package manager" window will appear. You should click on Dismiss.

AG-207 package manager

Then you can search for the application you are interested in by typing its name in the "Filter" window.

Application Installation

To install the application, click on install on the right side. Then if a "pop-up" appears then click "dismiss". 

Most of the time, applications are located in the Service tab after installation, although this is not the rule. After installation, you have to log out and login back in for the application to appear in the interface.

Local file installation

Also, you can install applications from a file on your computer. To do this, you need to click "upload package".