Cellular modem


The Gateway in its basic configuration is equipped with an LTE modem that also supports GPRS and SMS functions. Different modems were used depending on the model variant. Here is a table of models. 

SIM card

The Gateway supports one microSIM card, both 1.8V and 3V. The card connector is tpush-pull type. When installing the SIM card, pay attention to the correct insertion of the card.

AG-207 SIM

Using Cellular Network

To activate the LTE modem, go to Network > Interfaces and select the lte tab there.

AG-207 interfaces modem

Mostly the network operator requires you to enter the APN, sometimes it also requires a username and password. Enter the required data and save.

AG-207 modem APN

Then go to System > Custom Commands and click on Start modem.

The modem will start up and connect to the Internet. To check if it is working properly and what the signal is, go to Modem > Information about 3G/4G/5G connection. When the modem starts up, the LEDs showing the signal strength will also light up. This makes it easy to see the signal strength in a particular location.

AG-207 modem info

Cellular modem  ON on start

To make the gateway automatically connect to the Internet after startup, you need to add a modem startup in the System > Startup section under Local Startup, add a line before line 'exit 0'. /usr/commands/start_modem.sh. Then save the changes. After each reboot, the gateway will automatically start the modem.

AG-207 modem startup

Generally, the Gateway supports all versions of Quectel MiniPCI express modems. However, you can use a third-party modem, as long as the signal outputs are compatible with those of the Quectel company. For use your won LTE module select model without LTE module installed. You also need to pay attention to the power supply to the LTE module should be 3.3V.

MiniPCI express pinout

Below is the description of the PCI express pinout used in the AG-702. Before installing anything other than the EC-200U, be sure to check the pinout for compatibility. The LTE model is connected via a USB data bus.