Storage overlay

How to make a storage overlay
AG-207 has a 512MB NAND memory in addition to the 64MB FLASH memory. It is possible in a very simple way to increase the memory by extending the system partition to the so-called overlay.

To do this, go to the  System > Custom Commands section and select Format NAND and create as EXTROOT. Then wait a while for the operation to complete when on boottom of page "Waiting for command to complete..." will close. The formatting process takes a few minutes. 

Then, to verify, go to System > Mounting Points and see if we have the overlay done correctly.

AG-207 mounting points

You can also restore partitions to their previous state and sgformat the NAND as data memory. For this isn custom command section click on Delete EXTROOT from NAND and after that Format NAND and mount as /nand in root file.