Cellular modem


The Gateway in its basic configuration is equipped with an LTE modem that also supports GPRS and SMS functions. Different modems were used depending on the model variant. Here is a table of models. 

SIM card

The Gateway supports two microSIM cards, both 1.8V and 3V. The card connector is a push-pull type. When installing the SIM card, pay attention to the correct insertion of the card, and it's direction.

Refer to the below image for the SIM insertion guide.

Activate Cellular Network

To activate the LTE modem, go to Network > Interfaces and select the 3g-wan tab there.

The interface is pre-configured but you might need to provide/change the network operator's APN, sometimes it also requires a username and password. Enter the required data and save.

Click the Edit button and enter APN.

Then go to System > Custom Commands

  • Here you will find below highlighted 4 scripts that are related to cellular modems.
    • Modem ON
      • To give power to the cellular modem to use it.
    • Modem OFF
      • To power down the cellular modem.
    • SIM 1
      • By default SIM 1 will be operated, still by this script SIM 1 can be operated.
    • SIM 2
      • To switch to SIM 2.

Once the script is successful you will get a pop-up at top right corner (Ref image below).


The modem will start up and connect to the Internet. To check if it is working properly and what the signal is, go to Status > Mobile Service.

Cellular modem power ON at boot

To make the gateway automatically connect to the GSM Internet after startup, you need to add a modem startup in the System > Startup section under Local Startup, and add script path before 'exit 0'. /usr/commands/modem_on.sh Then save the changes. 

After each reboot, the gateway will automatically start the modem and connect to the GSM network.