LuCI webUI

Open the LuCI web interface

Through Ethernet

To access the LuCI WebUI, connect the gateway by your convenient method to the local network and enter the assigned IP address in any web browser. Please note that it may take some time from powering on the gateway to booting up the system. When the green LED in the bottom right side socket starts flashing, after about 10-15 seconds the built-in website becomes available to access.

Enter the host IP address and you will find the URL look a like as shown in the below image

Below image shows the login page of Gateway webUI

Default credentials are user/pass: root/root

Through the WiFi interface (if WiFi available)

By default, the gateway creates its hotspot, which is called "ALWG-1638". The network is unsecured. Connect to this network find out the host IP by the same method and enter the IP in the address bar of your browser.

WiFi credentials : ALWG-1638/atreyo12

After logging in, you are automatically taken to the Application page

  • Chirpstack LNS and NodeRED are pre-installed in the gateway.
    • Click the button in the Application to open it (it will open in a new tab)
    • Terminal (CLI) is also hosted, that can be opened from the same menu

If you have a pop-up at the top with a message that no password has been set, set/change it.

Set a password on the System>Administration page:

To maintain security, it is recommended to use long and complex passwords.