AG-1621 Computer / Gateway

The AG-1621 is a Quad-core, highly effective ARM-based compact-size multipurpose industrial computer with IoT gateway functionality. It is designed for edge computing. It supports a variety of Linux distributions, including Rasberry Pi OS, Debian, OpenWRT, and many more. In this manual, most attention will be paid to the OpenWRT system because Debian, or Rasberry Pi OS is very well described on the pages of these systems.

AG-1621 comes pre-installed with any of the operating system environments mentioned below.

  • OpenWRT
  • Rasberry Pi OS
  • Debian

Core features

  • Serial interfaces, input, and Output
    • Opto-isolated RS485 & RS232
    • Two digital inputs
    • Relay output 230V/3A 
  • Connectivity
    • LTE
    • GPRS
    • GNSS

Sufficient computing power for many applications and industrial interfaces make it an ideal gateway for industrial use.