Webmin installation

The Webmin administration panel, which allows you to administer the server via the web interface, can be installed on the Gateway. The Webmin panel has many functions related to web hosting and one of them is updating your Linux packages. To install Webmin you need to connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor via USB HUB and it is necessary to have access to the Internet.


You need to install the required packages.

  • curl
  • bash

You can find the instructions here.

Webmin installation

Start the gateway and launch the terminal. Enter the commands below.

curl -o setup-repos.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/webmin/webmin/master/setup-repos.sh
sh setup-repos.sh

Above script will automatically setup repository and install needed keys on system, also it will provide webmin package for installation.
execute below command for installation, If confirmation is required during installation, enter 'y'. Then type the below commands:

apt-get install webmin --install-recommends

The entire Webmin system should install without errors.

Once installation is successful you can access webmin on port 10000 over localhost IP, in any browser.
i.e. : http://localhost:10000 or
if any privacy error appears continue with Proceed to <localhost_IP> (unsafe)
The login panel will open and pop-up for credential will appear. you need to provide system's credentials here. i.e. user/pass : atreyo/12345

Once you sign in with password, below interface will open and it's a dashboard of webmin.

AG-1621 webimn

With Webmin we can update system packages, restart the gateway, change user and network settings and much more. For more about the Webmin panel visit Webmin Docs