OpenPLC is an open-source Programmable Logic Controller that is based on an easy to use software. It is the first fully functional standardized open source PLC, both in software and in hardware. The OpenPLC project was created in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard, which defines the basic software architecture and programming languages for PLCs.

OpenPLC is mainly used on industrial and home automation, internet of things and SCADA research.

Installation of OpenPLC

To install OpenPLC on AG-1621 log in via SSH or if you are using the Webmin panel go to Tools > terminal and type the following commands. Remember that the whole installation and compilation of the program may take up to an hour of your time. 

sudo apt-get install git

Once installed, type the following command:

git clone
cd OpenPLC_v3
./ rpi

The whole installation process will take some time. When it finishes it will display "Compilation finished successfully!" in the terminal. After rebooting the system, OpenPLC will start automatically.

   To use in-development capabilities, checkout the development branch (git checkout development) prior to running

Starting OpenPLC

After restarting, enter the gateway IP and port 8080 in the browser address window. For example,

The login window will open. The default username and password is:
login: openplc
password: openplc

AG-1621 OpenPLC login

After logging in, we go to the home screen.

AG-1621 OpenLN main

To learn how to use OpenPLC you can read on the site: