Digital inputs

AG-1621 have inbuilt two digital inputs which is having capability to detect input from 5V to 24V. Both the digital inputs can be directly accessed through gpio pins.

Testing Setup

Download the Testing Script from above mentioned link and unzip the "" file in any folder. Go to "AG1621_Script" folder using "AG1621_Script/Scripts/inputs" command. If asked for password, then type "atreyo" and press enter.

blackmango@atreyo:∼$ cd AG1621_Script/Scripts/inputs

Run modem start script, using:

sudo sh

It starts printing output as per below screenshot (0 = connected and 1= not connected).

Digital inputs

You can now connect a 5-30V signal source to the digital input and observe how the state changes in the terminal.

digital input status terminal

To stop running this script press ctrl + x shortcut.