Hardware informations

The device is constructed as a PCB placed in an aluminum profile with DIN-Rail mounting and connectors on its side plates. The main PCB inside the profile has a MiniPCIe socket to mount the LTE modem. This design has many advantages.

  • The aluminum profile efficiently transfers heat from the electronics, keeping them cool even under heavy loads.
  • The profile also protects the electronics from damage from impact, shock, and vibration.
  • The PCB is easy to access for maintenance or repair.
  • The overall design is compact and lightweight, making it easy to install and deploy.

Mechanical Dimensions

The device body is small, which makes it easier to fit even if less amount of space is available.

AG-1621 size



Top view

The AG-1621 has a pluggable connector on the top panel with all inputs and outputs along with two SMA female antenna sockets as well as a micro SIM slot.

AG-1621 connectors

Bottom view

On the bottom, it has a LAN socket with LED indicator, microSD card slot, USB type A host, HDMI output, and a three-pin power socket.

AG-1621 connectors