AG-811 Gateway

The AG-811 is a Gateway dedicated to work with central controlling and monitoring systems. It supports two-way communication with server through LTE/GSM or Ethernet1. It has inbuilt timer with 10 ON/OFF schedule within 24h, auto configurable sunrise/sunset timer based on geolocation and has 3 independent relays with NO/NC outputs. Every output can be controlled by separate time schedule. Gateway has isolated Modbus RTU interface to communicate with energy meters, PLCs and other Modbus devices. It can be configured by: internal website, SMS, string from server and configuration file loaded in predefined URL. For accurate time and location it has GPS and RTC.
Gateway is for use in street light control panels and other application where it is needed to control accurate on/off time with support of Modbus devices. It can be controlled remotely from server or via SMS or also work in stand alone mode.
The AG-811 has advance alert option with 10 mobile number list for SMS alerts. In SC models there is power backup with power loss alert facility.

  • LTE and GSM connectivity
  • GNSS for accurate time and location
  • 3 independent NO/NC outputs
  • Opto-isolated Modbus RTU
  • 2 opto-isolated digital inputs
  • SMS alert and with mobile number filtering
  • Timer with astronomical timer
  • Internal website for configuration
  • LAN with PoE
  • Output status control by string from server and by SMS
  • Modbus archive data in internal memory
  • Aluminium compact size casing
  • 35mm DIN rail mounting