Digital output and timer

The device has 3 outputs to drive load or external power relays or contractors. For every output 3 terminals are available: normal open, normal connected and common. The maximum load capacity is up to 3A and 230V for each output.  

Channel functionality configuration

There are 2 options of channel functionality:

  • Instant action
  • Once action

If there is selected instant action the system is checking the schedule time table for this output every few second and correct the output status accordingly. We choose this configuration when we want to control the Gateway from internal schedule. In this mode of configuration the SMS and server commands on/off command are not working.

Once action allow to control by SMS, but in case of power failure the device will not return to previous status of outputs.

Manual ABC outputs control by website

There is individual tab for each output channel A, B, C. User can change status of output using internal website. This facility is for testing of outputs.

AG-811 www manual output control

Schedule timers for control outputs

To control 3 outputs, device has 3 separate timetable with on/off schedule. Total timer schedule can implement up to 10 on/off sequence in 24h for each output.

In order to set the time of switching ON/OFF the Gateway A, B C outputs, all parameters for each output must be set separately. User also needs to select whether to use a given configuration. Maximum 10 schedulers can be added for every output.

Astronomical timer for controling outputs

Device has 2 table position to switch on/off the outputs according to sunrise or sunset. The actual sunrise/sunset time is calculated from actual latitude and longitude and actual time. Latitude and longitude has to be entered manually in configuration web page or can be setted remotely.

The astronomical schedule is 2 ON and 2 OFF option for each output.

AG-811 www astronomical timer

Output direct control by SMS

If you like to control Gateway's outputs direct by SMS only you have to set "once action". This configuration has to be apply for ABC outputs separately. For working with server user needs to set "INSTANT".

Sn Function of command Command
1 if you want to control A channel via SMS ACTION-A=ONCE
2 If you want to use this A channel on live refresh control by server application on internal timer. ACTION-A=INSTANT
3 To get info about action configuration of channel A ACTION-A?
4 If you want to control B channel via SMS ACTION-B=ONCE
5 If you want to use this B channel on live refresh control by server application on internal timer. ACTION-B=INSTANT
6 To get info about configuration of channel B ACTION-B? 
7 If you want to control C channel via SMS ACTION-C=ONCE
8 If you want to use this C channel on live refresh control by server application on internal timer. ACTION-C=INSTANT
9 To get info about configuration of channel C ACTION-C?