General configuration

This section is for general configuration. Time zone configuration and enable/disable GSM network. Also here is an option to synchronize the Gateway RTC time with NTP servers. You can choose between LTE/GSM NTP server and LAN NTP server and none.  LAN NTP server can be used when your network is not connected to the Internet. Then we should run the NTP server on the local server. In addition, the time can be set via SMS or commands from the server.

AG-811 www general config

Gateway identification number / name

This is an option for additional identification of the Gateway from the server side. You can enter your Gateway ID here.

AG-811 www gateway ID

Date and time configuration

This section is for configuration of real time clock in Gateway. The time is taken from the time that is currently set on the computer.

AG-811 www date and time config

Options –  Factory default – reset Gateway configuration

To make default all configurations of Gateway for safety reason type "Atreyo" in the tab and press "set default values".

AG-811 www factory default

GPS configuration

Device GPS location tab is for configuration of Gateway location. In AG-811 there is inbuilt GPS but some time in case of problems with the GPS signal need to be selected "Manual GPS ON". This is necessary for the correct configuration of the astronomical schedule.

AG-811 www GPS config

Backup and restore configuration

To backup all configuration of Gateway use this tab. The configuration file has checksum so do not edit configuration file in not dedicated PC software. Use dedicated Atreyo software.

AG-811 www backup config

For loading previous saved configuration from computer, select and load file:

AG-811 www load config

Config – Remote configuration from server

This tab is for configuring URL of remote file with Gateway configuration. By clicking "get configuration" URL device will update from remote file.