LTE modem

Gateway has inbuilt LTE modem with support of LTE and GPRS.

SIM card

The device support microSIM with voltage 1.8 and 3V. The card holder is push-in/push-out type. Ensure inserting SIM card in proper direction according to the illustration.


The device has two female SMA connector for LTE/GSM antenna and for GPS antenna. For proper working it is necessary to connect LTE + GSM band antenna and proper GPS antenna. Antenna line is 50Ω type. Do not switch on device without antenna connected. For better connectivity in remote area it is necessary to use high gain antenna and place it outside of electrical panel box.

Cellular network configuration

Configuration for mode of connection. Default is auto. But if you are using a SIM card that has only GPRS available, set the connection type to GPRS. If it has only LTE then select LTE and if it has both then you can leave it at auto.


GSM configuration include: APN, user and password.

AG-811 www APN config

Gateway phone number is Gateway SIM card phone number. It is not necessary to provide this, but in future this information is accessible by TCP/IP and for maintenance is good practice to add this number.

AG-811 www phone number config

Cellular network testing is for testing of SIM card and network. You can add your number and Gateway will call or send SMS to this number. For this purpose, call and SMS support must be enabled with the mobile operator.

AG-811 www testing call

LTE modem LOG for viewing LOG of modem. For diagnosis purpose.

AG-811 www modem log