Control from server

The AG-831 Gateway can be controlled via TCP commands from server. All Modbus queries can be controlled from server. In addition Gateway has support of JSON string format but limited to Modbus device interface. JSON communication is one way communication dedicated mostly to energy meters and sensors. In case of failure of GSM communication, Gateway has capability to store records in internal memory and sending archive data to the server after communication is reestablished for continuous energy monitoring. This option is available only in JSON string format. It is not supported by TCP/IP communication. TCP/IP communication can control all modbus features, send commands and control any device like PLC in real time.

Control and configuration option list

Gateway can be controlled through:

  • Commands from TCP/IP server
  • SMS
  • Configuration of Gateway can be done through:
  • Internal website
  • Configuration file from URL
  • Commands from TCP/IP server
  • Configuration file from predefined URL

Server – TCP/IP server configuration

TCP/IP server configuration section is for configuration of: server IP, server port and update interval. 

AG-811 www TCP-IP server config

TCP/IP server polling time interval configuration.

AG-811 www pooling setting

Server – JSON server configuration

JSON server configuration section is for configuration of server URL, token/key, update interval and archive update interval.

AG-811 www JSON config